Organization of the trip

The technical organization of the trips has been carried out by TRAVEL 4 DIVING VIAJES SL, CICMA nº 2526, C / Sierra de Atapuerca, 54, 28050 Madrid, with CIF B - 86114949

Form of payment and registration for trips

At the time of the formal request for services, a reservation will be paid for the amount specified in the trip program. The second payment, and successive ones, if any, will be made on the dates, and for the amounts indicated in each program, in the particular conditions of the trip in question. When making the payment of the signal for a specific trip, the client is accepting all the general conditions included in this document, as well as the particular conditions of each trip, indicated in the program of the same.


The price of each program offered includes all the services indicated as included. The price does not include (unless specifically indicated in the program), air and diving taxes (where any), the costs of obtaining visas, tips or any other personal document, necessary for the realization of the trip, or in In general, any type of extras or services that are not expressly mentioned in the program as "included". The price of each trip is based on the rates in force at the time of the formal communication, as well as the corresponding currency exchange, indicated in the "Trip price" section. The price can always be revised due to changes in transport rates as well as variations in the currency exchange. When the impact exceeds 15% of the established price, the client may withdraw from the trip with the right to reimbursement of their payments, with the exception of duly justified management expenses. In no case will prices be reviewed in the 20 days prior to the start date of the trip.

Cancellations and refunds

At any time, the client can withdraw from the services requested or contracted, having the right to a refund of the amounts that he had paid, whether it is the total price or the amounts deposited at the time of registration, but he must indemnify the agency for the following concepts:
a) .- The management and cancellation expenses, duly justified, in which the agency has incurred. These expenses include concepts such as reservations or full payments made to the airlines, those made to the owners of the boat or diving center, tour operators contracted for the trip, hotels, contracted transfer services, agency management expenses, etc. . In some cases, and always derived from the particular contracting conditions with dive boat charter operators, the client will assume 100% of the cruise expenses, giving less than 60, 90 and sometimes 120 days notice, except to be able to cover the place with another person, in which case only the costs of change of ownership in flights and other items will be assumed. These terms will ALWAYS be specified in the particular conditions of the trip in question.
b) .- In addition to what is included in section "a)", and additionally, a penalty consisting of 5% of the total amount of the trip if the withdrawal occurs more than 10 and less than 15 days in advance of the start date of the trip. 15% between days 3 and 10. 25% within 48 hours prior to departure. If you do not show up at the scheduled time for departure, you will not be entitled to any refund of the amounts paid.
c) .- In case of cancellation of the trip by the client, the agency will always invoice, as "Management and Processing Expenses", an amount of between € 150 and € 200

Modification costs

Any modification requested by the client in a reservation already initiated will have an additional charge equivalent to the management expenses incurred, unless there are other particular conditions in which case the client must receive the corresponding annex at the time of formalizing the reservation.

Cancellation and modifications of the agreed conditions

The agency may only cancel the services contracted for this trip or modify the conditions agreed for it, due to force majeure or sufficient cause. Sufficient causes are:
- The cases in which, acting with due diligence, the agency cannot provide the contracted services for reasons that are not attributable to it.
- When the sufficient number of participants established in the particular conditions of the trip has not been reached (or 10 people, in case nothing is indicated in such conditions). Cancellation will always be communicated at least 30 days before the departure date.


Unless expressly indicated to the contrary, the programs are normally oriented to the practice of recreational diving with autonomous equipment. From Travel 4 Diving Viajes SL it is understood that each client has received the appropriate training and has the necessary qualifications and insurance for the correct practice of this activity. In many cases these trips have a high component of adventure, with a greater risk than usual since they are carried out outside the usual tourism circuits and sometimes in direct contact with potentially dangerous animals in their natural environment. The itineraries and programs may also be modified due to force majeure; The dive points to be made, the number of dives or the itinerary of a cruise always remain at the discretion of the captain of the boat or the divemaster responsible for the diving operation, depending on sea conditions, weather forecasts, technical criteria or experience of all participating divers. Each client is aware of this type of circumstance and therefore assumes said risks and obligations with full knowledge of the facts and undertakes not to try to place responsibility for possible accidents on Travel 4 Diving Viajes SL or on the different providers of said services. .


Travel 4 Diving Viajes SL will respond to the client for the correct fulfillment of the obligations derived from the contract, regardless of whether these must be executed by the Agency itself or other service providers and without prejudice to the right of the Agency to act against said service providers. and always within the limits established in these General Conditions and in the applicable legislation. In case of any breach in the execution of the services, the client must notify the service provider and Travel 4 Diving Viajes SL reliably and as soon as possible, preferably on site or in any case within five days of the end of trip. For any claim, the client must submit to the provisions of the law. In no event will Travel 4 Diving Viajes, SL be responsible for accommodation, maintenance, transportation and other expenses that arise as a result of delays in departures or returns of means of transport due to meteorological, technical, strikes or other force majeure.


1) Once airline tickets are issued or reserved, airlines charge fees for changes and / or cancellations. For the reservation or issuance of air tickets, it is necessary to send the client's passport by email to the agency, or at least its complete data.
2) When an air blockade is carried out, it is carried out in the cheapest class possible at that time, and there may be other cheaper rates without availability for the requested dates. This implies that at the time of blocking, passengers have a "real" reservation to make the trip. Please bear this in mind when evaluating our prices.
3) Air seats (in budgets with pre-blocking flights) will remain confirmed in the name of the passengers who pay the corresponding reservation until the deadline for the issuance of flights, which will be indicated in the travel program.
5) All prices are subject to availability at the time of firm reservation.
6) Prices subject to requote based on possible fluctuations in the currency, subject to the provisions of Book IV of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of November 16, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, in Decree 99/1996 of June 27 of the Community of Madrid, and other current provisions that may be applicable.
7) Any reservation confirmed by paying the corresponding signal, in case of cancellation, will be subject to a minimum cost of € 150 per person for management, these being independent of the rest of the expenses.
8) Normally, each program will have a section on "Particular Travel Conditions", where everything indicated will always prevail, complete and / or cancel what is specified in these general conditions.
9) TRAVEL INSURANCE INFORMATION: For your information, TRAVEL 4 DIVING VIAJES puts at your disposal, among others, 2 types of insurance, which extend or include coverage that does not include the mandatory basic inclusion insurance, which excludes travel cruising.

  • INTERMUNDIAL MULTIASISTENCIA PLUS policy. Specially designed for those clients who wish to considerably expand and improve the coverage of their basic inclusion insurance. The price per person is: € 55
  • Optional COVERAGE POLICY IN CASE OF CANCELLATION (added to the previous one): Additional cost of € 19 per person (Total: € 74)
    Please consult conditions.
  • OTHER INSURANCES: ANNUAL DIVING INSURANCE: The price per person is € 36